Sleep Medicine Specialists

Yes, there is an entire branch of medicine focused on sleep and the reasons why people don’t get enough of it. There are dozens of sleep disorders that people have, and sleep medicine specialists are designed to help you get to the bottom of each one.

Not getting enough sleep can be a major problem for people, and can lead to poor mood, obesity, sicknesses, and problems with productivity. If you aren’t sleeping well, then you probably need to get help. A sleep medicine specialist will be able to run a physical exam on you and record your brain to see if you are going through a healthy sleep cycle.

Using data such as the activity of your brain, eye movements, how you breathe, and how you move as you are sleeping. The specialist can determine which type of sleep-related disorder you have and how to treat it. Once they figure out the type of sleep disorder you have, they will help you treat it. Sometimes it involves a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP) or medication will be prescribed.

They will also help you create a sleep routine, such as staying off electronics before bed, eating foods that promote sleep and helping you change your lifestyle to become a better sleeper. Sleep is like a muscle, where the longer you have a good habit and sleep routine, the easier sleeping on your own will be.

Sleep specialists might direct you to books, websites such as or other resources, and might even tell you to create a simple bedtime routine of when you go to bed and then stick to it. A good night’s rest isn’t going to come to you after your first night, and it might take a while for you to adjust too. However, it will be worth it.