Should You Go With White Or Colored Kitchen Cupboards?

A good question, you may agree, if you have already been using your noodle around the projected kitchen remodeling project. The thing about having white kitchen cabinets tampa bay styled is that it creates the pleasant illusion of wide open spaces. This of course, is perfectly suited for those of you who are squeezed for space right now. Here you are able to eradicate that cluttered effect for once and for all.

white kitchen cabinets tampa

But food for thought, you could say, and here is where you might wish to come in. This is for those of you who may be having doubts about using the clean and liminal and positively neutral color of; just plain white. You may have growing kids in the house, tall enough to reach the tallest cabinet where you like to keep the cookie jar. But they have yet to come around to your good housekeeping rules. And so it is that they still seem to leave a lot of mess about.

Every morning it is the same, and you wonder how those paw marks got there so mysteriously in the middle of the night. Right, so you can do two things easily enough over here. You can persist with the color white. It remains great for the kitchen. It continues to connote positive moods for this communal area. Speaking of positive colors to help elevate moods, you can also use yellow. How about an eggshell lacquer then?

Yes, you can use a lacquer. It’s a special paint application that makes cleaning grubby surfaces so much easier and quicker. But if you’re still feeling so helpless, you can change your colors, mix them up if you like. Only, be careful with the blue shade. Mood wise, it kind of goes in the opposite direction.